Is that me? He looks like me... somewhat.

Gonzalo García

Nice Programmer

Command Line Interface

About me

I'm a programmer. I've been one for a number of years, and while I've also done some other tasks, such as leading teams, training and mentoring, software architecture, or project management, I still remain a programmer at heart. If you go by what they say about me, I'm kind of ok-ish at it. Not too bad, at least.

Main Professional Experience

Frontend Leader at idealista

August 2013 - October 2017

We've gone through a lot here. These last years have meant not only a very visible redesign of the major parts of the site, but also a complete re-structuring of the frontend stack. Even the frontend team has been re-structured this year. We went from a completely unkempt Dojo codebase to a highly modularized JavaScript stack based on Grunt, LESS, lodash/fp, and jQuery, and introducing usage of tests both based on Mocha or Jasmine depending on the project. As of late, we're gradually pushing ES6 usage, and some other interesting libraries such as Ramda.

We manage our tasks through JIRA, following some Agile practices. Our code is managed through Git. I was personally responsible for some critical developments, such as the listing publication process or the shopping cart. I've also helped a bit developing a battery of Smoke tests using Nightwatch. As of the beginning of 2017 I'm in charge of the Frontend Architecture Department.

Senior Frontend Programmer at ATSistemas

April 2010 - July 2013

Various positions as JavaScript Expert on companies such as Mutua Madrileña, Buongiorno or idealista. I worked with a number of different technologies, such as HTML5, Zepto, jQueryUI, or SpringMVC.

I also spent some time an AT Sistemas HQ doing different activities -such as training or r&d-, as main programmer for the development of a set of tools and platform for hybrid mobile applications based around Cordova, for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Samsung Smart TV. Various prototypes and POCs developed with Backbone and Marionette for potential clients.

Frontend Engineer at Siemens Health Services

2009 - 2010

Frontend engineer on a large application for the complete management of healthcare centers. Complex interfaces implemented with custom JavaScript over a communications layer based on DWR and PrototypeJS.

Frontend Programmer at Swissrisk

2006 - 2007

Complete development from scratch of the frontend for a private banking and risk management web application. Multiple data sources and a modular architecture based on Spring and Struts, using Hibernate, Axis, Velocity and some other technologies.

Programmer at Indra

2000 - 2006

Six years working on a number of different projects and technologies, mainly for Telefónica. Development of various Java-based web applications with a strong emphasis on rich interfaces. People didn't call it AJAX yet, but we were doing it. Through the years I worked on various technical positions. Mainly Java and JavaScript but also some C++ and others.

Support engineer at SDRC

1998 - 1999

User training, support, system installation, and small custom development for a big PLM/CAD/CAM/CAE system. Lots of shell scripting, and some C, on Solaris.

Additional references


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Electronics Engineer

I got my masters degree as an Automation and Electronics Engineer in 1996.

Alignment and skills

Chaotic Neutral Programmer (level 14)

No rockstar, no ninja, no cowboy, no wizard.

  • JavaScript: 43(+8)
  • Java: 19
  • HTML5/CSS: 29
  • Clojure/ClojureScript: 7
  • Rust: 6
  • Other Languages: 13
  • Strengh: 17
  • Dexterity: 20(+3)
  • Intelligence: 24
  • Wisdom: 19
  • Charisma: 14
  • Leadership: 18
  • Decipher Script: +7
  • Disguise: +6
  • Move Silently: +4
  • Use Magical Device: +5
  • Open Lock: +4
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